Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Trust issues.

As US Covid cases reach their lowest levels in a year, India just set the new global record for daily coronavirus deaths. / CNN, Associated Press

The five profiles that capture Americans' attitudes toward the Covid vaccine: the enthusiast, the watchful, the cost-anxious, the system distruster, and the Covid skeptic. / The New York Times

See also: A ride-along with a vaccine van in Paterson, NJ. / BuzzFeed News

Trust between Americans feels in short supply right now, yet it's exactly what's needed for all of us to navigate the CDC's latest mask guidance. / The New York Times

"We use the highest level of protections, not the lowest." The nation's largest registered nurses union says it's too soon to stop wearing masks. / The Washington Post

Revisiting the Ever Given as a test run of how states might weaponize choke points such as the Suez Canal. / European Council on Foreign Relations

With the lake above it temporarily drained, an Italian town that's been submerged since 1950 is visible once again. / BBC

See also: A visit to Centralia, Pa., where a fire has been raging in mining tunnels beneath the town for 50 years. / The Morning News

San Francisco is hoping to quiet a loud hum emanating from the Golden Gate Bridge. The noise can be heard as far as 10 miles away. / San Francisco Chronicle

We should be excited and worried about the IEA's call for a nearer-term end to fossil fuels—something Biden is loath to confront. / The New Republic

Indigenous Peruvians are being murdered—likely by drug traffickers. Legalizing coca could mitigate future violence. / VICE

Covid is intensifying insecurities for farmworkers on H-2A visas—who are already among the least protected American laborers. / The Nation

Charles Grodin has died at 86. Beyond his many wonderful movie roles, he was an unpredictable talk show guest, including the time he called Sean Hannity a fascist. / Deadline, Vulture, Twitter

"It had to be genuine feeling, or it wouldn't have worked." How Grodin's performance in The Great Muppet Caper redefined on-screen male sexuality. / Slate

The New York Attorney General's office says its investigation into the Trump Organization is no longer of a civil nature, and has now become a criminal probe. / NBC News

The video editing styles that epitomize our current web era—and yes, "Back at It Again at Krispy Kreme" endures. / Vulture

After a 10-year search, finding the typist from a 1947 demo of IBM's mind-bogglingly complex Chinese electric typewriter. / Fast Company

People are finding out about cancers and other illnesses that went undiagnosed in lockdown. / ProPublica

America's leading medical panel recommends lowering colorectal screenings from 50 to 45. / CNN

NYC sues Chipotle for half a billion dollars in labor violations—it's just the beginning for a company "built on exploitation." / Jacobin

Working 55 hours or more in a week increases your risk of cardiovascular death—and long hours are killing hundreds of thousands of people a year. / CNBC

"Cybersickness"—dizziness and nausea from too much screen time—is real, and clinically is no different from seasickness. / National Geographic

Darwin's Arch, a rock formation in the Galápagos archipelago, has collapsed due to natural erosion. / The Guardian

What's a fair fate for non-human captives, like, say, a beluga you're pretty sure is a Russian spy? / BBC