Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Turning it off and on again.

While considering appeals, the Supreme Court temporarily blocks US entry to some 24,000 refugees and puts a hold on Texas redistricting.

A new tactic for ICE: going after relatives who let undocumented kids stay with them after entering the US.

The Gates Foundation says the world is on course to fall short of UN health and poverty goals—Trump's defunding efforts are exacerbating the problem.

US disaster response, especially at hospitals, minimized Harvey and Irma's overall death toll, now at 85 in Texas and Florida.

In coastal Texas, the US Air Force is spraying insecticide to prevent swarms of mosquitoes from spreading disease and slowing recovery.

Evidence shows North Korea may be hacking cryptocurrency exchanges to steal bitcoin from other countries.

Sixty reporters cover a week in Cincinnati's heroin epidemic, hour-by-hour, from courtroom to meetings to coroner.

Among the best articles we've read in a while: Amia Srinivasan on the humanity of the octopus.

There's no shortage of stunning sights in a 10-minute time-lapse of a 30-day voyage at sea.

Researchers discover a new type of water: a porous, lightweight “aeroice”—the aerogel of ice, as it were.

A brief video about schooling fish and the workings of swarms.

"Heels are the charismatic, rule-breaking nonconformists." Professional wrestling explains Trump's appeal.

So very Los Angeles: A new club opens to help anxious parents through the many styles of contemporary childcare.

A video homage to all the time we spend waiting for our computers to load, our crashes to correct, our digital experiences to hurry the hell up.

“One of the best ways to mitigate risk is to make sure the best teams possible are in these companies.” Corporate executives flock to management positions in California weed companies, but many fear a backlash.

Designer Fernando Abellanas builds a secret studio beneath a busy overpass in Spain.

Samples from the UFO drawings archive of Britain's Defense Ministry.

“Come six o’clock, I want to go home, I want to have dinner, I want to watch the ballgame.” Woody Allen, despite making a feature film every year since 1982, is Hollywood’s laziest director.

Headline of the day: "Fruit names do not invite ghosts, food official says."