Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Unbearably sentimental.

Takeaways from the final Democratic debate before voting begins in the Iowa caucuses.

The New York Public Library waited 25 years to carry Goodnight Moon, finding the book "unbearably sentimental."

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A duo has pled guilty to stealing $8 million in rare books from Pittsburgh's Carnegie Library over a period of 25 years.

“Bembibre has chemically extracted the smells of old leather gloves, ancient books, and mold, among other things.” How science can preserve scents that may otherwise be lost.

Assembling the oldest ever measles genome—from 1912—points to 400 BC as the earliest date the virus emerged in humans.

"Smoke from Australia's massive bushfires, which have been burning since September, has now officially circled the globe."

"I just couldn't breathe anymore, and I fell on the floor." Tennis players at the Australian Open say the smoke is affecting play.

Gamers are speedrunning—literally—Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure exercise game. The current record is 18 hours and 55 seconds.

The Jeopardy: Greatest of All Time tournament earned more TV viewers than the NBA Finals.

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Watch: Three-dimensional animations made entirely from photos.

"If prep cooks and hotel concierges, why not dentists and paralegals?" Good reasons to worry about the expanding gig economy.

Comparing social studies textbooks customized for California and Texas illuminates America’s deepest partisan divides.

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Portraits of Venezuelan refugees surrounded by their only belongings, by Gregg Segal.

Photographer Xavi Bou merges video footage to capture a single image of bird trails—lines in the sky that show where birds flew.

This lovely cover version (and video) of the Pixies' "Wave of Mutilation" by Beacon is an antidote to all sorts of despair.