The government shutdown only broke because Senators had to wait their turn to hold Susan Collins's "talking stick."

Democrats fail at Republican tactics—like government shutdowns—because they don't hate the government sufficiently.

Illinois’s Sen. Duckworth says she’s expecting her second child in the spring, which will make her the first sitting senator in American history to give birth.

“There’s far more similarity between Hillary Clinton Democrats and Jeb Bush Republicans than between, say, the supporters of Clinton and Bernie Sanders, or those of Jeb Bush and Donald Trump.” Centrist Americans should look to Germany and France and feel proud—or even consider a full merger of forces.

Because someone had to write it: “I’ve Been Asking Trump Voters Every Couple Seconds if They Still Support the President.”

A report from a recent strip club performance by Stephanie Clifford, aka “Stormy Daniels,” who is now on a national tour.

A British journalist gets groped at a special fundraiser where powerful men pay to fondle and harass the waitresses.

The nation of Namibia invites you to discover the amazing new country of... Nambia.

Iran’s social media shutdown is in the news, but web blackouts are ongoing in Cameroon, DRC, and Ethiopia, too.

A "serial stowaway" from Illinois managed to fly from Chicago to London without a ticket or a passport.

According to Delta, passengers have tried to fly with turkeys, spiders, and possums as their “support animals.”

Amazon debuts its new human-less convenience stores, made possible and overseen by hundreds of tiny cameras.

Two kids were killed at a school shooting in Kentucky—the 11th school shooting of the year and it’s only January.

Judging by how the University of Texas spends its oil money, college endowments are meant for prestige, not students.

Watch YouTube’s frame rate try to keep up with the improvisations of the great Charlie Parker, bebop genius on the alto saxophone.

Adam Gopnik reviews recent books on how to raise a prodigy, including the latest ”non-competition method” of Norwich, VT.

A dozen dromedaries were disqualified from Saudi Arabia's annual month-long camel festival for using Botox.