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Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: [Unintelligible]

Sandy Hook families have settled with Remington in the first case of a gun manufacturer being held liable for a mass shooting in the US. / ABC News

An Army lawyer says Russian strategy relies on "infolawfare"—high-stakes diplomatic and legal challenges combined with propaganda. / Lawfare

This is good: A series of articles on how designers, creators, and small businesses deal with imitations, copycats, and ripoffs. / The Verge

Contemporary big-city architecture wouldn't exist without insulated glass: a seven-minute video explainer. / The Morning News

Now on display: Stephen Hawking's treasured blackboard, which is covered in doodles and equations. / The Guardian

For the first time, scientists may have cured HIV in a woman. / NBC News

Strong Covid-era vibes here: Things Ernest Shackleton did to keep his crew from losing their minds (e.g., he started a newspaper). / Literary Hub

Coachella says it won't require vaccination, testing, or masks at its 2022 festival, which is still slated for April. / The Root

Megan McArdle: Big cities' business districts have their own version of "long Covid," and it's not going away. / The Washington Post

When streaming services display song lyrics, they don't always get them right—and may be acting against artists' wishes. / Pitchfork

"We're meant to live in community that is multigenerational." On the return of electronic music pioneer Beverly Glenn-Copeland, who went on his first tour four years ago, at 74. / Hyperallergic

A graphic comparing the tracklists of the Beatles' UK and US albums. / r/dataisbeautiful

"The so-called prankster is deliberately and repeatedly stepping into his personal space to obstruct his view." You don't want to be a Facebook metaverse "community guide." / VICE

A fan of the Wikipedia page on "high fives" tracks down the couple behind the "too slow" variation and finds a love story. / Input

People share the songs that remind them of love. / The Sound of Love