Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: We drive tanks

From 2051 to 2080, prolonged, record-breaking events are expected to become three to 21 times more probable. / The Verge

Whether or not the human body can survive in our heat-riddled future comes down to humidity and wet-bulb temperatures. / Slate

The fastest-growing places in the US are also some of the driest. / Economic Innovation Group

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Recent studies show that vaccinated people who become infected with Covid have just as much viral load as the unvaccinated, making spread possible. / NBC News

Public health officials have tools to beat back Covid again, but does anyone want to use them? / STAT

Erika Smith: ​​I wish I could be angry with the unvaccinated. Being Black makes that complicated. / The Los Angeles Times

Grace Loh Prasad and her son folded one origami crane every day during the pandemic, all the way up to 465 cranes. / The New York Times

Trucks have been getting larger and larger in North America. They're now almost as big as WWII tanks. / VICE

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The world's deepest hand-dug well dates from 1858 and was as deep as the Empire State Building. / My Brighton and Hove

How employers weaponized unlimited vacation time: When employees don't know the rules, they just go to work. / InsideHook

In praise of Tubi, the bargain-bin streaming site with something for everyone. / Recommend If You Like

Unwrapping the reflection on Buzz Aldrin's visor reveals his perspective as Neil Armstrong took his photo on the Moon. / PetaPixel

Twenty years after a car crash, a singer-songwriter records the demos that amnesia destroyed. / The Guardian

A musician-inventor combined a Leslie rotating speaker and a guitar and kept all his fingers. / The Morning News