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Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Welcome to impeachment vale.

The House impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump enters its public phase. A guide to who will testify and how the questioning will work.

Related: Key people, facts and documents in the inquiry.

The Republicans and the Democrats signal how they plan “to present radically different interpretations of Trump’s actions.”

Rudy Giuliani signals he may launch an impeachment podcast.

In the run-up to the 2016 election, leaked emails from Stephen Miller show an affinity for white nationalism.

John Warner: Unless "Anonymous" stands up publicly for the principles they claim to hold, they don't deserve your money.

On DACA: Chief Justice Roberts appears to agree with Trump’s claim that Obama’s policy of protecting so-called Dreamers is legally questionable.

Footage from social media shows a battle between students and Hong Kong police at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

That beluga whale playing fetch in your social media might be a Russian asset.

Game designer Hideo Kojima says your best chance to escape our dystopian nightmare is by becoming America's last delivery man.

You’ve heard the argument that Facebook and Google are state actors. The counter-argument says the logic is flawed throughout.

The US has paid nearly $1 billion for testing nukes in the Marshall Islands. A geopolitical shift gives the islands new leverage.

Thanks to this November cold snap, hundreds of records are falling, some of which have stood for over a century.

Severe flooding in Venice has left much of the city under water—a direct result of climate change, the mayor says.

See also: Trees in cities around the world rendered trunkless.

A series of articles looks back on 150 years of scientific research in Nature.

Part of celebrating Sesame Street's 50th anniversary is honoring its roots in African-American culture.

Lauren Michele Jackson says the public persona of Kim Kardashian West is a metaphor for race in the US, living "in leery proximity to blackness."

A contestant uses his Final Jeopardy answer to wish Alex Trebek well in his fight with pancreatic cancer.

White paper of the week: "Unexpected college athletics outcomes impact university research budgets."

Nick Paumgarten quits decades of amateur hockey after too many concussions.

"For the majority of my life, I was taught to fit in and conform." Style tips from a tech executive who shaves half her head.

A new, non-Giuliani podcast we like: the story of Joe Loya and his transformation from abused child to prolific bank robber.