Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: We’re going to need more mats.

At least 13 are dead from mudslides in Southern California, the region’s “worst-case scenario” after the recent fires.

Canyon dwellers in California defend their way of life—offline and tightly knit—no matter what the weather brings.

Among recent extreme weather events, here is the Sahara Desert in northwest Algeria, shrouded in snow.

Trump’s embrace of pork projects in government—even Fox News is horrified—mostly shows just how little he knows of history.

Trump spent the holidays bestowing the extractive industries with lavish, anti-environmental gifts.

The 100 Islands Project sends scientists to the coast of British Columbia, previously “a black hole for Western science,” to inventory practically every bug and small creature they can find.

Video: A tutorial on how wealthy women dressed, or were dressed by others, in the 18th century.

Catherine Deneuve and more than 100 other Frenchwomen denounce the #MeToo movement as well as its French counterpart, #Balancetonporc (“Expose Your Pig”).

Michelle Williams made less than one percent of what Mark Wahlberg made to reshoot All the Money in the World.

Cash gifts, subsidized babysitting, and educational stipends help a small Japanese town double its fertility rate.

A panel of judges tells North Carolina Republicans to redraw their illegally gerrymandered congressional district map.

Headline of the day: "Sterilized Ann Arbor deer may get yoga mats to help with recovery."

A native's walking tour of Chicago's South Side shows off places that make the neighborhood home.

Hilton and Disney hotels begin to disobey the traditional "Do Not Disturb" sign as a security precaution. Meanwhile, a Las Vegas strip club hired robot strippers to appeal to women.

See also: A very strange travel review in which two academics critique Stockholm’s Grand Hotel while visiting for Nobel week.

Sidangkou, China’s “saxophone capital,” produces 10,000 saxophones per month at more than seven factories.

A white noise video on YouTube gets hit with five copyright infringement claims.

“[Woody] Allen, who has been nominated for 24 Oscars, never needed ideas besides the lecherous man and his beautiful conquest... because that one idea bore so much fruit for his career.” The first reporter to read Allen’s archive of private notes finds “a vivid obsession with young women and girls.”