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Wednesday Headlines: We’ve got five (billion) years

Russia accuses Ukraine of sending a drone that exploded over the Kremlin—a claim Ukraine says is an excuse for "a large-scale terrorist attack." / Al Jazeera

At this point, geopolitics have wholly infected space exploration—but maybe nations can work together to start picking up their space trash. / Foreign Policy

China's Mars rover finds evidence that water may have existed on Mars more recently than previously thought. / Associated Press

Astronomers spot what appears to be a star engulfing one of its planets—the same fate many predict will befall Earth in around five billion years. / NPR

Related: An artist's rendering of what the planet-eating looked like. / The New York Times

A fake hotel website for the hotel at the end of the world in Sven Holm's 1967 novella, Termush. / Faber Editions

First, it was undersea volcanoes, now scientists have discovered nearly 20,000 underwater mountains—almost doubling the number that were already known. / Science, Motherboard

In Africa, workers for third-party companies that provide content moderation for AI tools from Meta, Bytedance, and OpenAI vote to unionize. / TIME

"People just had their girlfriends killed off by policy." What happened when Replika shut down its AI companions. / Giocities

How that AI-generated Joe Rogan podcast was made. / The Verge

See also: An AI artist explains his workflow. / Kottke.org

"It isn't scary because GPT-4 is intelligent. It's scary because it's not." Beware of AI pseudoscience and snake oil. / Baldur Bjarnason

Using LEGO to 3D-print human flesh. / Boing Boing