Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: What lies beneath.

A federal judge has banned Biden's 100-day moratorium on deportations, but did not require them to resume at their previous pace. / Associated Press

The Biden administration has reopened a Trump-era facility in Texas to hold migrant teens. / The Washington Post

Related: "Biden unveils cool teen migrant detainment center where youths can hang out and never leave." / The Onion

A request for scientists: Please start drawing icebergs in their stable orientations. (In response to the request, a tool to draw an iceberg and see how it floats.) / Twitter, Iceberger

Paintings of icebergs from the summer of 1859 by American landscape painter Frederic Edwin Church. / Flashbak

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, poet and City Lights Bookstore cofounder, has died at 101. / San Francisco Chronicle

This is fascinating: A huge, 139-year-old Victorian house was moved seven blocks through the narrow streets of downtown San Francisco. / Moss and Fog

Some activists no longer see nuclear power as a threat, but as safer than fossil fuels and more effective than renewables. / The New Yorker

On the hook for unmatched royalties, Spotify, Apple Music, and other music streamers pay a combined $424.38 million. / Music Business Worldwide

Covid infection rates in the US are at a place where it looks like baseball could make a comeback—and then other sports may follow. / Intelligencer

"Even if the summer feels like the end of the pandemic, it could turn out to be more of a temporary reprieve." Predicting normal. / The Atlantic

Emily Raboteau watches the painted birds of New York's murals. / Orion Magazine

"I've never seen a human being put on eyeglasses the way he does." How Bowie inhabited The Man Who Fell to Earth. / Pitchfork

As science ushers in more adventurous plant-based food, a look at the possible dinner party of the future. / The New York Times

Postcards of restaurant exteriors. / Flickr

In a new study, researchers were able to determine that people in REM sleep could answer questions using eye movements. / Popular Mechanics

A botnet that researchers have been following for two years began hiding one of its IP addresses in the bitcoin blockchain. / Ars Technica

Lego brutalism by Arndt Schlaudraff. / Instagram