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Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Whatever the right thing is.

The Justice Dept. has moved to take over the defense of E. Jean Carroll's defamation lawsuit from Trump’s lawyers, arguing the president’s remarks were made while performing his official duties. / NPR

Georgia Republicans disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of voters, claiming residents changed addresses—two thirds had not. / Hill Reporter

If Trump loses, he may leave fighting the pandemic to Biden. If he wins, he may take it as validation he's doing the right thing. / The Atlantic

A large study of a Phase 3 COVID-19 vaccine trial has been put on hold—which is not an uncommon event—in order to review a serious adverse reaction in a participant. / STAT

Last month's Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was a coronavirus superspreading event, leading to more than 266,000 cases and an estimated $12.2 billion in public health costs. / The Hill

US colleges and universities have reported at least 51,000 coronavirus cases and at least 60 deaths since the pandemic began. / The New York Times

Trump wants federal agencies to cancel racial sensitivity training that discusses "white privilege" and "critical race theory." A memo on the matter framed such courses as "divisive" and "un-American." / The Washington Post

Related: Trump says the Dept. of Education will defund schools that use the 1619 Project in their curricula. / CNN

"These stories are not what they look like at first." US Marshals didn't find 39 children in Georgia in a sex-trafficking bust. / HuffPost

The Lafayette, La., mayor is suing a comedian for posting fake antifa events on Facebook—events that the city responded to with dozens of heavily armed cops. / Gizmodo

In a survey, 92% of chiropractors say patients are reporting more ergonomic pain since working from home. / The New York Times

See also: A dentist is seeing a major uptick in the number of tooth fractures—caused, in part, by stress-induced grinding. / The New York Times

Lockdown is an opportunity to introduce “handmind,” that flow state where the mind/body/tool distinctions dissolve in a task. / The Hedgehog Review

"If the postal system does go or get privatized, I am totally fucked." USPS delays are hurting indie music labels. / VICE

Amazon prepares to put ads on your body in augmented reality, and other eyebrow-raising patents Big Tech has taken out recently. / Protocol

If you like this thing, please support this thing. / TMN Membership

The US has no major shipping companies or top global ports—but still sets the rules of global trade. / Phenomenal World

"When a cuisine is ghettoized, it’s worth asking how wholehearted our embrace of that food really is." / Taste

Indian Dalits who convert to Christianity or Islam lose their affirmative action benefits, undermining freedom of religion. / Scroll

Deserted comic panels, by Niklaus Rüegg. / Electric Art Collective

The cold war is why Siena, Italy, packs 30,000 people into the same area as a single, population-less interchange in Houston. / Texas Monthly

See also: Aerial footage of highway systems turned surreal and hypnotic. (Strobe warning.) / The Morning News

Based on fossil evidence of past extinctions, scientists estimate at least 550 mammal species will be lost this century. / BBC

In the artwork Pareidolia, facial detection is applied to grains of sand. / Driessens & Verstappen

Fifty years ago, a dissertation was published with charts that became the cover of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures. / The Morning News

A trip to the Winamp Skin Museum. / AV Club