The United States and Germany agree to send tanks to Ukraine's front lines. / Al Jazeera

Germany's Leopard 2 tanks: what are they and why does Ukraine want them? Basically, to shift the balance of the war. / The Guardian

See also: "If you want a negotiated settlement, then prioritizing Crimea might well be sensible, not escalatory." / The Economist 

Classified documents are found at Mike Pence's home. Apparently it's a problem stretching back to Jimmy Carter. / CNN, The Associated Press

Kansas sees a 23-year-old mayor candidate try Trump's stolen election playbook and win. / Daily Beast

A new study says Earth's inner core has recently stopped spinning, and may now be reversing the direction of its rotation. / VICE

An economist argues against regulating the airlines, preferring policies that would increase airline competition. / Milken Institute Review

Cory Doctorow: How do online platforms die? "I call this enshittification." / WIRED

Why people like to watch Glass Onion or Tár: the schadenfreude of watching famous people fall. / Vulture

Lee Lai on the endless way of making comics these days. shows the wonders of Google street view. / Granta,

A musician asks how crowds will know the real, real thing if promoters aren't willing to take a chance? / Dada Drummer Almanach

A video of probably the smallest bird you've ever seen hatched. / TKSST

Video of dogs boarding an Alaskan "puppy bus" goes viral. "There's plenty of dogs on the bus that you can relate to." (See: the original video in question.) / NPR, TikTok