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Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: When “he’s gone!” ↦ “it’s back!”

Boris Johnson visits Berlin in an attempt to negotiate a new deal, with only two months before the Brexit deadline.

The Danish legal system is being roiled because of errors in cellphone tracking data offered as evidence.

“Bemusement has turned to fury in Denmark” after Donald Trump cancels his planned visit over Copenhagen’s refusal to sell him Greenland.

One reason Trump may have cancelled: Obama will visit Denmark in late September, and his reception will likely be much nicer.

See also: Writing sketch comedy in the current era is particularly difficult because the news often tragically jumps the joke.

Ross Douthat says a recession would likely guarantee Trump's removal from office—and set the stage for Trumpism's eventual return.

How to become an admiral in the Russian Navy: start on a submarine, command the Black Sea Fleet, receive medals.

Brazil lost 500 million bees.

Lawyers and experts say Border Patrol agents in the US routinely derail migrants' asylum claims with bogus paperwork.

New “person first” language guidelines remove words like “felon,” “offender,” and “convict” from San Francisco’s criminal justice system.

A recent graduate of Yale, who used food stamps as a child, explains the university’s different rings of wealth.

Black men in America have "better" odds of being killed by police than winning some types of scratch-off lottery games.

“Like” is used by boys as much as girls, octogenarians as much as teens, and is neither confined to English nor uniquely American.

Recent work about body dysmorphia and shadows, by New York-based photographer Lissy Elle Laricchia.

"Scientists report that all 16 GB of Wikipedia have been encoded into synthetic DNA." 2019 in science so far.

A new type of plastic pollution: “rock impostors” are made from heavily weathered plastic, colored by lead and chromium.

Photographs and a brief essay by Phil Penman, a paparazzo who quit the job to shoot street photography as a hobby.

"As far as I know, they were the first cats live on the Internet." The longest-running webcam is going dark after 25 years.

An oral history of the 2018 US Open women’s final, arguably one of the most controversial finals in tennis history.