Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: When life gives you milk, make cheese.

Scientists in China say some people who've recovered from COVID-19 are showing low or no antibody levels, which could mean there's potential for reinfection.

People crowded into China's parks and public spaces over the weekend after quarantine regulations were lifted.

The death toll in the US topped 12,700 yesterday after the nation’s biggest single-day increase so far of 1,800 deaths.

Two hundred New Yorkers are now dying at home each day, suggesting the city's official numbers of COVID-19 deaths are very wrong.

"She only stopped going to work when she could no longer breathe." Supermarket chains are reporting their first COVID-19 deaths.

One third of people 18 to 34 have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to a poll.

Americans are hoarding cash in fears of a recession.

"This is a case of enlightened self-interest." A pandemic expert on the many reasons to rush development of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Quarantines are causing spikes in domestic abuse—in France, it's about a 30% increase.

After Wisconsin's Supreme Court said the state's presidential primary and local elections must proceed as planned, voters and election officials braved health risks yesterday and headed to the polls.

Legendary singer-songwriter John Prine died yesterday at 73 from complications of the coronavirus. Here are 25 essential Prine songs you need to hear.

Please take a moment to find out why TMN and the Tournament of Books are asking for your help, and consider joining us today.

Scam drive-through coronavirus testing sites are now popping up around Savannah, Ga.—and likely elsewhere.

The pandemic is causing massive amounts of food waste for fresh-food purveyors that are suddenly dealing with a surplus.

With school lunch canceled, Japan had a milk surplus—until homebound chefs resurrected a milk-intensive, millennium-old cheese.

"There's a quantifiable temporary benefit." How lockdowns are cutting noise pollution—to the point that birds seem louder.

A visualization of traffic data shows how quarantines have erased rush hour in some major cities.

A New York City bike messenger is live-streaming his rides around a desolate Manhattan.

Photos from the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic show how much—and how little—has changed in public health.

"Good science takes time, and we will have to wait." A data scientist on why he's not making COVID-19 visualizations yet.

Themes during the age of COVID-19 as Lotería cards, by Rafael Gonzales, Jr.

“You can drink the water here, though nobody does.” Todd Levin’s guide to social distancing-friendly hiking trails.

Artist and maker Kris Slyka explains how they were able to record video to an audio cassette.

Watch public-domain movies for free in an interface similar to—but more fun than!—the big streaming services.

There is a Goodreads entry for A Match Made in Space by George McFly. Gets pretty good ratings, too.

A treetop full of birdhouses, installed by artist Bob Verschueren.