Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: When news ignores the other half.

Hurricane Florence, still a Category 4, is expected to slow down at the coast of the Carolinas through at least Saturday, increasing the likelihood of dangerous flooding.

This seems unnecessary, but: a fact-check of Trump's claim that "Puerto Rico was an incredible, unsung success."

A photographer claims to have found a massive cache of bottled water that's been sitting on a Puerto Rico runway for more than a year after Hurricane Maria.

Black preppers feel like they learned the real lesson of Hurricane Katrina.

“If Save-A-Lot, a discount grocery store with locations throughout the United States, suddenly stopped giving shoppers free cardboard boxes to use to carry their groceries to the car as a way to reduce environmental waste, would the national news media cover that?” How journalists should cover poverty and those affected by it.

A new Pew survey finds 68% of Americans get news from social media—and 57% expect it to be inaccurate.

The uptick in news about foodborne illnesses is happening because science is getting better at detecting outbreaks.

Google searches for methods of self-harm are on the rise. Designers can make sure the results help.

An egg-freezing clinic chain's "disturbing," Instagram-friendly marketing strategy exploits fear and ignores risk.

“Packages are [jammed] so tightly into your van that you can’t even see. You have packages in the front seat and you have packages sliding from the back to the front, smacking you in the face.” Amazon brushes away concerns over dismal conditions for its drivers by contracting with delivery companies.

A devout walker offers personal reviews on traveling by foot to and from various airports.

Who's more emo: emo rappers or emo rockers? A word-by-word, song-by-song analysis.

From "ripped" to "swole," navigating the emotional minefield of bodybuilding terminology.

The sounds of Saturn: Water vapor from the moon Enceladus collides with the magnetic field created by the spinning Saturn. The resultant plasma waves were recorded by Cassini.

The world's first combat submarine was built mostly from wood and tar by Americans during the Revolutionary War.

Dazzling, geometric—and edible—cakes by Dinara Kasko.

Video: A beautiful short takes projection mapping to new levels with a moving, dramatic narrative and lovely animation.

Aerial illustrations of fantastical swimming pools, by Joanne Ho.