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Wednesday headlines: Where’s Andy Roddick?

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Going into Labor Day, the Forest Service is closing every national forest in California, citing the extraordinary risk of fires. / NPR

Photos from the battle to stop the Caldor Fire from reaching Lake Tahoe. / The San Francisco Chronicle

Forty-four container ships are stuck outside California ports, worsening shipping delays and costs.

Despite Covid, India remains "very much on track" to achieving the world's fastest growth this year. / Bloomberg

Who is to blame for Venezuela's vaccine crisis and black market? Mismanagement, corruption, sanctions—Delta doesn't care. / The Ballot

There were 7,759 reported hate crimes in the US last year—the most in 12 years, says the FBI. / NPR

Remembering the day the Pittsburgh Pirates fielded the first starting nine to consist of all Black and Latino players. / WESA

A roundtable discussion about pressure and profits with tennis pros Mardy Fish, Billie Jean King, Nick Kyrgios, and Naomi Osaka. / Vimeo

Where's the next Andy Roddick? Rosecrans Baldwin talks to more than two dozen champions and experts about what happened to pro men's tennis in the States—and lays the blame on an obscure Austrian prince. / GQ 

Justin E.H. Smith sets about reading (and proving he has read) all seven volumes of Proust's In Search of Lost Time. / Justin E.H. Smith's Hinternet

Diana de Vegh recalls the details of her affair at age 20 with JFK. / Air Mail

Deborah Levy throws a party to address her melancholy at turning 60. / The Paris Review

Related/unrelated: some moorland-themed embroidery landscapes. / Victoria Rose Richards

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Portraits of Afghans raised after the US invasion in 2001, by Kiana Hayeri. / The New York Times Magazine

A trio of Gen Zers style "ugly" or intimidating fashion trends—and use pretty basic, though perhaps ageless advice to pull it off. / HelloGiggles

The North Face designs a baby carrier for any hypebeast new parents. / Highsnobiety, 

Margaritaville lands in Times Square as a theme park. "The whole ethos behind the resort is acknowledging that work sucks." / Eater