Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: Who’s to blame?!

Torrential rain storms have killed at least 176 in Japan. More than 50 people are still unaccounted for.

Three reasons why the US is vulnerable to big disasters: coastal populations; problematic access to cash; troubled supply chains.

As President Trump’s trade war rolls on, Japan and the EU agree to the “biggest and most advanced bilateral agreement ever negotiated by the European Union.”

Trump calls Germany a “captive of Russia” during a NATO summit—only days before Trump meets with Putin.

Artist Barbara Kruger designs a Trump-Putin cover for New York magazine.

Nominating Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court was normcore Republican politics. Trump just skews the optics.

Five races around the US where neo-Nazi and/or neo-Confederate Republicans are running for office.

A New York City reporter just got President Trump to pay an additional $48,834.62 in taxes.

"The Mexican discontent," i.e., slow economic growth, is a problem of education, not corruption.

Hedge funds struggle to protect their private letters now that everyone has a camera in their pocket.

When humans learn to think of themselves as assets competing in an unpredictable and punishing market, then millennials—in all their anxious, twitchy, phone-addicted glory—are exactly what you should expect. What we talk about when we talk about “millennials.”

LeBron James has been known to ride his bike to work. In Los Angeles the risk exposure is too high.

By historical metrics, LeBron might instantly be the best player who has ever suited up for the Lakers.

At a travel agency for the wealthy, a junior employee's first task is transporting the clients' favorite meats.

PayPal’s CEO tried managing his daily life without a bank account.

Archaeologists’ age estimates have been squeezed at both ends of the age spectrum, with the result that individuals who have lived their full lifespan are rendered “invisible.” New studies suggest humans evolved with a characteristic lifespan, with individuals staying healthy into their 60s.

A photographer uses glasses of water to alter perceptions.

Photographs of water towers at night.

Foreign-born Canadians have always accounted for between 15 and 20 percent of the country’s total population since the country’s founding. In the US, immigrants have never exceeded 15 percent of the total population since the 1850s. In terms of immigrant share, America’s ceiling is Canada’s floor.

California's once-proud recycling program is basically doing nothing good for anybody.

There will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. Consumers’ poor recycling habits aren’t to blame.