Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: X for Boeing.

A growing number of countries are grounding or banning Boeing 737 Max 8 plans, but the FAA stands firm on their safety.

Trump and Boeing’s CEO chat on the phone. Perhaps Trump said that he doesn’t want really, really, really smart people flying planes.

Worth remembering: An American Airlines flight had to land after a passenger refused to stop singing "I Will Always Love You."

After passing on May’s plan, the UK parliament will vote today on whether to leave the EU in 16 days with no plan at all.

Fleeing sexual harassment, queer Central Americans find more of the same in ICE's custody.

The true reality of confronting white supremacy, as learned in South Africa: “It means white people giving things up.”

Some odd details from the college cheating scandal.

About 58 percent of students who started college in the fall of 2012 had earned any degree six years later.

All I can say is that some people are extremely desirous of an Ivy League degree.

Tucked away in Trump's budget proposal: cutting spending at the National Science Foundation by $1 billion.

A database is found tracking 1.8 million women, mostly in Beijing, with names, addresses, phone numbers, and "breed ready" status.

“The dirty little secret of AI training sets." IBM recently borrowed nearly a million photos from Flickr. See if yours were used.

The Web just turned 30. Tim Berners-Lee describes three sources of dysfunction to be fixed.

An unlikely place for a fight over “an unprecedented level of surveillance, oversight, and control:” electric scooters.

A doctor delivered news of a patient's dire prognosis via robot, prompting damage control at a Fremont hospital.

In the last decade, $7.4 billion in venture capital has gone to "Uber for X" companies that comprise a nascent "servant economy."

Watch: Drones replace dogs on farms in New Zealand.

Facial scanning for “100 percent of all international passengers,” including US citizens, will reach 20 US airports by 2021.

The artist Coco Capitán has had two retrospective exhibitions in the last year. She's 27.

Janelle Monáe's stylist Ali Mandelkorn releases a new collection—of used clothes available through Goodwill.

A Georgia schoolteacher wins $10,000 from an insurance company after finding a contest buried in seven pages of fine print.

Not exactly known as a philanthropist, Howard Schultz gives to shady for-profit colleges, but not his alma mater Northern Michigan University.

A writer wonders, what is the point in talking about books? After all, “we do not argue with a friend who doesn’t like Brussels sprouts.”

(Clearly dude is not aware of the Rooster?)

Photographs from a trip to New York City in 1967.