Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: “You lie.”

New allegations against Harvey Weinstein are coming fast and furious. Many of Weinstein’s male allies remain silent, thought it doesn’t look like Ben Affleck’s going to escape unscathed.

Unrelated: Travel around the world in paper cutouts. (Because not everything can be about Weinstein.)

Tokyo has spent billions preparing for flooding "beyond anything we’ve seen." Recent storms suggest it's not enough.

The EPA's Scott Pruitt will kill the Clean Power Plan—i.e., promoting coal and disavowing control of greenhouse gases.

Those sonic weapons that attacked American diplomats in Cuba? They may have been a Trump White House fabrication.

Related, in terms of sound and fury: Eminem starts a rap battle with Donald Trump.

In a last-minute switch, Catalan's president forgoed declaring independence (kind of) and said he'll negotiate with Spain (kind of).

“Globalized social media is transforming the whole ballot initiative question. A ceaseless torrent of organized demands for change is spreading the habit of direct democracy, which is already bypassing traditional legislatures.” Thoughts on referendums—popular in Switzerland and California, not so much in Spain and Scotland.

Even before Nate or the Wine Country fires, 15 extreme weather events in the US cost over $1 billion this year.

“It is a threat to the very concept of social mobility. It is the end of the American dream. And yet most futurists are talking about sci-fi fantasies. Why?” Futurists fall into four groups, most of whom like to imagine hypothetical futures of human suffering.

Iceland becomes the first nation with less than a million people to qualify for the World Cup.

“Swedish death cleaning,” or dostadning, is the practice of decluttering your life pre-expiration.

Grab a pair of headphones and about three hours of free time: This is what every type of music sounds like.

Your Wednesday coffee break: A look back at Bananas, the 1970s magazine for kids.

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