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Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: You made me realise.

Biden moves up the deadline for states to open Covid vaccinations for all adults, to April 19. / CNBC

A new "double mutant" strain of Covid that may be behind a surge of cases in India has now been detected in the US. / The Hill

In the US, "waves" and "surges" of Covid are now becoming "tornadoes," where some communities are spared and others crushed. / The Atlantic

CO2 has now been measured at its highest concentration in history, about halfway on its path to doubling preindustrial levels. / The Washington Post

Americans who are homeless face barriers in filing their taxes, a necessary step to receive the stimulus payments they're owed. / The New York Times

"If I'm told I have to get a camera in my van, I can tell you I probably won't continue to work there." What it's like to be an Amazon driver. / Insider

By making the rich richer and the poor poorer, Amazon has exploited the American divide for its own gain. / The New Republic

"Monetization of emotional memory isn't just can also inhibit personal growth." When algorithms resurface pain. / WIRED

Your purchases at the TMN Store are another way you can support this whole deal! / TMN Store

How could Frasier afford that apartment on a radio salary? Investments, maybe? / GQ

"I vividly remember crying when I woke up for school one morning." Comprehending death through Tamagotchi. / Burials & Beyond

Fear not, the original 1996 Space Jam website hasn't been discarded to make room for the sequel. / The Verge

The great My Bloody Valentine tracks that didn't make it to Spotify in North America. / Pitchfork

A marketer's claims of manipulating Spotify to benefit clients illuminates the larger problem of pay-for-play streaming metrics. / Rolling Stone

If you think you can spot a liar, you are probably wrong. / Knowable Magazine

On the death of music genres, whose end cannot come soon enough. / The New Yorker

"Humans are the only species that can throw well enough to kill rivals and prey." How humans became the planet's best throwers. / The Conversation

In a study, researchers used a video game to induce auditory hallucinations in participants, though the mechanism by which it works is unclear. / VICE

Painting selections from Laurent Grasso's "Future Herbarium" exhibit. / This Isn't Happiness