Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: You’re not getting into Alpha Chi Omega with that Snapchat.

Maps and photos of the devastation from yesterday's 7.1-magnitude earthquake south of Mexico City.

More than 200 people have now died in the earthquake, which occurred on the anniversary of the 1985 quake that killed 20,000 and resulted in Mexico upgrading its building codes and seismic warnings.

Yesterday’s earthquake appears unconnected to the quake off Mexico's southern coast two weeks ago.

Hurricane Maria made landfall this morning in Puerto Rico, and is now about 35 miles southeast of San Juan. The storm is currently projected to veer north of the Dominican Republic, and then head into the Atlantic.

“The only real way to restrict the authority of a president to launch a war is to elect someone you trust.” The counter-argument for making it harder for a US president to launch nukes.

One in three Americans can't name any branch of the US government.

Whenever Trump honors someone or something else, he almost always uses media that mostly features himself.

“A defamation lawsuit could be as lethal as a bullet.” Why Italian journalists hesitate to investigate the Mafia.

Marvel launches a new superhero based on one of Nigeria's kidnapped Chibok girls.

“We have this habit of essentializing the belief systems and cultures of faraway places. We’ve done this as much with Buddhism as Islam, stereotyping them and attaching different qualities to each.” Theravada Buddhism may not push for violence, but nationalism sure does—hence the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar.

High-priced consultants tell girls to scrub politics from social accounts to get into Southern sororities.

The significant shift in theology between the Bible's halves explained by 1 Enoch, a book only Ethiopian Orthodox canonize.

A surprisingly readable account of how two mathematicians proved that two different infinities are equal in size.

"An experiment in making poster designs move to music."

“Thus far I have endorsed an item of clothing where the selling points are, apparently, “You can still breathe when you wear it” and “It doesn’t hurt, exactly.” When every bra size is wrong: Mallory Ortberg endorses a gray binder.

Lighthouses are obsolete and unnecessary, but don't tell that to the preservationists.

"Take 'handmade' and 'artisan' with a grain of salt." How to read the label on an expensive chocolate bar.

“Sunday best” for dead bodies has given way to "grave-casual"—a desire to be comfortable, even in death.

Now you’re ready to open your own used-car lot: a video on how to make an inflatable tubeman.