Headlines Edition

What if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.

Pyongyang says its attack plan, still awaiting Kim Jong-un’s approval, involves four missiles that will fly over Japan and land 17 miles from Guam. (1/15)

US officials say key to a pre-emptive attack is bombing North Korea’s missile-launch sites, which the military has been practicing since May. (2/15)

From the “axis of evil” to “fire and fury,” the US and North Korea have a history of saber rattling— and no incentive to escalate. (3/15)

Yesterday, a day after making his fiery remarks toward North Korea, Trump played golf, marking his 46th trip to a golf club since becoming president. (4/15)

Also yesterday, a Russian spy plane was spotted flying over Bedminster, NJ, where Trump is currently vacationing, as well as parts of DC. (5/15)

“Putting on an apron—or a hijab—for a day isn’t reporting. It’s play-acting.” Against the Washington Post’s recent “costume journalism,” in which a food critic worked as a dishwasher for just one shift and claimed insight. (6/15)

Media Matters calls for a boycott of Fox News’s Sean Hannity for “state-aligned disinformation and propaganda.” (7/15)

There’s a small island on New York City’s East River that technically you’re not allowed to visit because it’s a sanctuary for migrating birds. And now it’s been capsized onto by a Vox editor. (8/15)

Northern California’s massive pot operations are intensely reliant on pesticides, poisoning national forests. See also: H. Lee’s photographs of Humboldt County’s pot farms. (9/15)

“Ads aren’t just defacing the internet, they are warping it,” i.e., corrupting its core functions. (10/15)

This week at the Rooster Summer Reading Challenge: We wrap up Temporary People, the first book in our August matchup. (11/15)

“It’s a crime to not do everything you can to help the people who are making it for those who are spending it.” UCLA’s star quarterback offers a blunt assessment of the impossible demands of being a student-athlete. (12/15)

Contemporary artists discuss why basketball is so important to them. “It’s an art form unto itself.” (13/15)

A dry cleaner explains everything he knows about the business. “People lie about stains—and we know it too!” (14/15)

Bill Murray attends Groundhog Day on Broadway, takes selfies with fans, breaks down in tears. See also: Jennifer Rice Epstein recounts a visit to an annual Groundhog Day festival in Woodstock, Ill. (where the movie was actually filmed). (15/15)