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When We Embraced

When I was in jail last night it was dark, raining, and roofless—with an abundance of cell-phones. I woke up from this dream with a hangover, glad not to be in jail. Micah P. Hinson spent some time in jail in his youth; this rebellious hangover could have suffocated his creativity. But that which blighted him is good news for us—in Micah P. Hinson and the Red Empire Orchestra we have a work inspired by difficulty, and overcoming it. “When We Embraced” kindly provides something we can pit against all sorts of shimmering, summery joy. When summer gives you rain and jailhouses with no roofs, we can bathe in Hinson’s sorrow and bask in the warmth of his tales. A stony, tired, but fresh kind of warmth.

TMN Editor Mike Deri Smith is no gourmet, he just has an abnormally large stomach. He lives in London. More by Mike Deri Smith

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