Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward (or She & Him) have a good thing going, and they’ve just announced a summer tour to share it with the likes of us here on the East Coast. He is a well-accomplished singer/songwriter; she’s an indie film darling. Together they make beautiful music, strictly (as far as all accounts go) in the completely literal sense. Whereas some actresses who become singers come off as trying too hard, Deschanel manages to sound light and playful, unconcerned as to whether people are taking her seriously enough. Which is very refreshing, especially when M. Ward lays the ’60s-influenced pop on thick. If you do manage to see them play out this summer, just try not to do anything silly like falling in love with Zooey because I’d already planned on doing that.

TMN Editor Erik Bryan is living the dream. He grew up in Florida, but he’s from all over. He likes playing chess, making cocktails, smarting off, and not freezing to death in Brooklyn, where he currently resides. More by Erik Bryan

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