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Xanadu Is Unsinkable

Dear Morning News,

I happened to bump into your article on Xanadu and Michael Beck (“The Love That We Came To Know”), and it was a great read. It was even better to find out that Beck is alive and well, or at least, putting up with Xanadu fans. My heart goes out to him just for that.

Please thank Sarah Hepola for this wonderful and informative article. In fact, I’ll add a few extra smiles to this mail for her acknowledgement of my web site, The Xanadu Preservation Society. Yup, that site is mine. You’re welcome, Ms. Hepola.

I, too, have my own little Xanadu story/confession, but I think the site itself pretty much speaks for itself. So I won’t bug you over the details here.

Once again thanks for the article and the credit,
Don Fields
The Xanadu Preservation Society

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