You Be the Judge

You Be the Judge

Earn fame, respect, and possibly an inflammatory comment by an aggrieved spectator! The 2012 Tournament of Books is just four months away, and we’ve reserved a berth in our judges’ roster for a reader judge—and you could win it.

To be considered, tell us in 100 words or less why you should be a judge in the 2012 ToB, and email your entry by midnight EST on Wednesday, Nov. 16, to

Want to know how to win?

  • Show us you’re a reader. As a judge, you’ll be faced with two books and a firm deadline. An appetite for reading is essential.
  • Show us you’re opinionated. You’ll be weighing down on which is the better of two books. Here, your opinion is the only thing that counts.
  • Show us you’re creative. The strength of your final judgment is in how you express it. For this exercise (but not your actual ToB judgment) you’ve got 100 words—make them count. Extra points if you avoid basketball metaphors.

Good luck!


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