Letters From the Editor

You Should Not Reach ______

Over the sneeze guard, in line ahead of me, at the burrito place, to indicate you want salsa verde, after I saw you wipe your armpit

Between the car seats, with both hands, at 120 miles per hour, to find some loose change, to pay your friend the dollar, from the bet you just lost, about how fast your car really goes

Inside the autoclave, without shutting it off, to retrieve your graduated-cylinder bong, before the head scientist comes back, to make you de-louse the experimental monkey

Around the bars of the cage, at the lion exhibit, after eating a gazelle carpaccio bowl, with your bare hands

Among the bales of hay, behind the old rickety barn, to coax your cat out, before you determine what made your last two run away


Andrew Womack is a founding editor of The Morning News. He is always working on the next installment of the Albums of the Year series at TMN. More by Andrew Womack

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