Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: Backpack time.

Canada and the US inch closer to a NAFTA 2.0 deal for Trump’s Friday deadline.

For what it’s worth, the Friday deadline isn’t actually real.

Thanks to Trump, teenagers appear to be more interested in current events, but also more skeptical of the press.

Sixty percent disapprove of President Trump’s job performance.

No matter the news, Trump's base of support is ironclad—which explains why his approval numbers rarely budge.

Related/unrelated: Kanye isn’t the only one who thinks slavery was a choice.

Indonesia's measles campaign hits a tricky roadblock: the state-funded Islamic council says vaccinations aren't halal.

Novelist Arundhati Roy says the Indian government's raids on activists is "a declaration of an Emergency."

The idea of using networked technology as a tool of governance in China "goes back to at least the mid-1980s."

How and why Facebook moderates billions of posts a week in more than a hundred languages.

Unlike other countries, and despite wind-ranging abuses, the US has never put its Catholic orphanage system under official scrutiny.

Backpacking in the wilderness can be a respite from sexual harassment.

In Barcelona, Airbnb has an 18 percent market share of all overnight bookings. In Kyoto, Japan, it's 22 percent.

Tight mortgage credit, skyrocketing student debt, the housing shortage—America is shifting hugely toward renting.

Algorithms are replacing middle management, and if you don’t have a job telling computers what to do, sooner or later your job will consist of doing what computers tell you. There are jobs above the API, and there are jobs below the API.

Texting can lead to better customer service than calling, but be careful about your privacy.

A reporter looks at the NFL’s concussion problem after having a brain injury herself.

Blondie once made a music video in which Debbie Harry nearly drowns in her apartment while Darth Vader observes from outer space.