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Friday headlines: Love shack baby!

Donald Trump has a plan for nothing. So why did voters reject the candidate who has a plan for everything?

Martina Navratilova: Warren had a plan for everything with one major thing missing—the “right” sex.

“I was told when I first got into this, there are two lanes,” Warren said. “I thought it was possible that wasn’t the case, and there was more room to run a different kind of campaign. Apparently that wasn’t the case.”

Related: Tulsi Gabbard, still running for president, is campaigning in Las Vegas this weekend.

The World Health Organization urges governments to pull out "all the stops" in the fight against the new coronavirus.

If people stop traveling and going to the dentist or the gym because of the coronavirus, the impact on the US economy may be enormous.

Some tips we'd like to see editors and reporters follow to tone down their coronavirus coverage while still reporting responsibly.

No surprise that the rise of light therapy and other wellness fads coincides with increasing paranoia about the climate crisis.

With the seas rising quickly, up to half of the world's sandy beaches may disappear by 2100.

Floodplain homes in the US are overvalued by a total of $34 billion, "raising concerns about the stability of real estate markets."

Watch: A short cut of nature footage from wildlife photographer Edwin Towler about the science of cuteness.

A white paper from 2010, but ever relevant: “No one has found an overall preference for a high degree of facial masculinity.”

SXSW, the 2020 Olympics, the Coachella, San Diego Comic Con, that puffy coat from Amazon—is it canceled yet?

A federal judge appointed by President Bush scathingly criticizes the Attorney General’s handling of the Mueller report.

A passport is supposed to represent a whole country, but of the 13 people quoted in the US passport, 12 are men.

From a small Georgia town, where a bible has produced over 400 gallons of oil, the story of a Trump-related prophecy and an ongoing sham.

The B-52s’ Kate Pierson on the music that made her, five years at a time.

A brief video of a blue jellyfish for your midday meditation.

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