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Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: Normality check

The United States, which reported its first known coronavirus case in Washington State 282 days ago, surpasses nine million total infections. / The New York Times

Helen Branswell: It may be time to reset expectations on when we’ll get a Covid-19 vaccine. Fauci says he doesn’t expect “semblances of normality” until 2022. / STAT, New York

The S&P 500 is falling at its fastest rate since June. Many economists call for additional federal spending to prop up the economy. / Forbes, Business Insider

In the US, at least 79.1 million ballots have been cast for November’s election, about 57% of total turnout from 2016. / The Washington Post

More than five million young people (ages 18-29) have already voted early or absentee. The youth vote in Texas is up by more than 600% from the last presidential election. / Circle, KSAT

Some argue that the threat of foreign influence operations targeting the United States has been overblown. / Lawfare

Two ballot initiatives in Louisiana and Colorado "could preview a future without Roe v. Wade" / The 19th

Lawyers for Trump and Biden are poring over arcane federal law to prepare for the possibility that a close election might trigger two little-understood and barely tested scenarios. / POLITICO

Unrelated/related: A study finds a number of sharks impaled by swordfish—backing up old fishermen’s tales of dueling marine predators. / The New York Times

Walmart is temporarily pulling guns and ammunition from shelves. / NPR

Three people were killed in a terrorist attack in the southern French city of Nice yesterday. / Vox

The Labour Party in the UK suspends Jeremy Corbyn for “serious failings” in dealing with anti-Semitism while he was leader. / Axios

Protests against Thailand’s monarchy include a “people’s runway” mocking the princess’s fashion brand. / CNA

Other things: A new video from the dancer Lil Buck; a profile of AOC; a trans teen makes history as a member of the Boy Scouts’ inaugural class of female Eagle Scouts. / The Morning News, Vanity Fair, Them

A study of gorillas in Rwanda finds they maintain friendships even after years of separation. / Sky News

Things to consider if you've wondered lately why a friend doesn’t text you back. / Jezebel

Fans of the show The Great British Bake Off will be happy to hear that Val and Selasi are still great friends. / The Atlantic

"Pay someone's delinquent water bill if you have the means." A list of ways to make this Thanksgiving weird and great. / VICE

Here is a photograph of (very roughly) 10 million stars, give or take. / Kottke

It’s the championship match of the Super Rooster, presented by Bookshop. Which book will be crowned champion of the last 16 years?! / The Tournament of Books