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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Peace out.

Senate Republicans, including McConnell, dismiss Trump's refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses. The Senate also passed a resolution reaffirming its support for such a transition. / NBC News, The Hill

Letters from presidents to their successors show what a peaceful transfer of power looks like. / Digg

House Democrats will introduce a bill to limit US Supreme Court justices to 18-year appointments, and would allow every president to nominate two justices per four-year term. / Reuters

A federal court has blocked a White House attempt to cut the 2020 census short, citing that doing so would likely produce inaccurate counts of people of color and immigrants, resulting in an incorrect redistribution of House seats. / NPR

"That the communities hardest hit by COVID-19 have also been woefully underrepresented in clinical trials is no coincidence." / STAT

As a nation, we mourn the nearly 3,000 people who died on Sept. 11. Yet, to do the same for the 200,000 who've died of COVID-19 would be "acknowledging the weight of the problem and the failure of the response." / BuzzFeed News

Two journalists' threads on their COVID-19 recoveries: "We are still very much dealing with the aftereffects. Here’s the view from half a year out." And: "The bad news is that I have post-viral damage." / Twitter

A timeline of how humans have thought about the possible extinction of our species. / The MIT Press Reader

"I’ve said November 2021." How the pandemic ends, according to 11 experts. / POLITICO

Your weekly white paper: Criminalizing sex work leads to greater STI transmission within the general population. / The National Bureau of Economic Research

One year after prominent executives pledged to put people over shareholders, a study finds nothing has changed. / The New York Times

Jeff Bezos has yet to announce a single grant for the $10 billion climate fund he announced seven months ago. / Heated

Trump's single biggest backer may be the CEO of the Dakota Access pipeline company, who just gave $10 million. / Forbes

Now available at the TMN Store: tees, mugs, totes, and more for the Super Rooster, presented by Bookshop! (And also: Sustaining Members gets 50% off all purchases.) / Teespring, The Morning News

What's moving into abandoned malls: doctors, warehouses, and schools. / CNN

See also: Brian Ulrich’s photographs of closed-down malls and big-box retail stores. / The Morning News

Photographer Jeff Mermelstein takes pictures of people's phones while they type messages, unaware that he's watching. / The New Yorker

Trumpist propaganda creates a fog of disinformation, yes. But the bigger problem is that "the newshole is finite." / Media Matters

"How and why, like so many women artists of the ’90s, was an innovator like Enya once so widely reduced to a cultural punchline?" / Pitchfork

Now trending: "Some people are getting hotter during the pandemic. How dare they." / The Washington Post

Cord Jefferson, recent Emmy-winner for Watchmen, is aware you think he's attractive. / ELLE

The world's most expensive potato chips, with proceeds going to charity, run $15 per chip. They're all sold out. / Moss and Fog