Headlines y'all

Friday headlines: Spiders

An oral history of March 11, 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic "seemed to crystallize in the national consciousness." / WIRED

Only two percent of Americans now live in counties with high Covid-19 levels. / Reuters

Moscow wants to seize assets from businesses that have stopped operating in Russia. Its foreign minister says it's done relying on Western partners. / BBC News, CNBC

Meta will allow users in some countries to call for violence against Russian soldiers in the context of the Ukraine invasion. / c|net

Who knew? South Korean election graphics are next level. / Twitter

Scammers are all over the payments platform Zelle, though the banks involved are reluctant to assist fraud victims. / The New York Times

Tinder now offers background checks for potential dates, which kinda puts the burden on users to clean up its platform? / CNN

Twitter courts teenagers by not tying popularity to physical appearance. "[It] kind of feels like the Tumblr of this generation." / The Washington Post

A day in the life of a TikTok "it girl"—name searches, cute selfies, and the sort of "visual stink" you can't wash out. / Vox

See also: Maggie Haberman seems to be in denial about her branding. / Elizabeth Spiers

Millions of large, harmless spiders are expected to begin "ballooning" up and down the East Coast as early as May. / Axios

The antler business is so lucrative, some "shed hunters"—the people who source them—hunt other shed hunters. / The New Yorker

"Algology" is the study of algae. Some take to it passionately. "Seaweed chastened his ego, and abasement made space for love." / The Public Domain Review

Related: "Florence tomb by Michelangelo restored with aid of bacteria." / The Guardian

The 2022 Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes, started this week, and we've already had a big upset! (New this year, you can also get the judgment and commentary over email via the Rooster newsletter.) / The Morning News

Reminder: TMN Sustaining Members get half at the merch table. / Tee-Spring