Friday headlines: The 200 hour rule

A new outbreak of the coronavirus suggests that lockdown measures could be a part of Chinese life for some time to come. / The New York Times

More children and adolescents are experiencing chronic symptoms after Covid even as the pandemic ebbs in the US. / STAT

Researchers hope that work on long Covid will lead to insights into other post-viral problems. “Let’s not waste a good crisis.” / Nature

During lockdown, artist Jörg Gläscher built nine large waves in the woods near Hamburg. / Colossal

Unsurprisingly, Michel Houellebecq looks around Europe and sees cause for anxiety. / UnHerd

Tyler Cowen: Crypto's killer app is “decentralized finance,” or DeFi, which could rebuild financial market infrastructure. / Bloomberg

How Snapchat became the forgotten social platform. / Vox

On the cost of cloud computing: "Scaling companies can justify nearly any level of work that will help keep cloud costs low." / Andreessen Horowitz

See also: Amidst a “perfect storm” making everything you need more expensive, life as a teenage reseller with $1.7 million in revenue. Also, why and how to protect your mobile phone number from hijackers. / CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Hackernoon

BitClout is a stock market for social currency, or at least the value we assign to men who are famous for making money. / The New Yorker

If the commute never comes back, how do we replace its ability to detach us from our jobs? / The Atlantic

Portraits of women who let the gray grow out in their "Covid hair." / The New Yorker

Recent divorcées reflect on 15 months of pent-up emotion. “My motto for 2021 is tits out.” / Vanity Fair

Who your friends are changes constantly. For a stranger to become a good friend takes about 200 hours of investment. / Kottke

An "errand hang" refers to friends doing a task together—eliminating the need for lengthy catch-ups or pressured conversation. / Annika Is Dreaming

"Roséwave" felt inappropriate last summer, but now it's the music for "feeling a little lighter and cherishing your loved ones." / NPR

In case you missed it, this week at Camp ToB we wrapped up the second half of No One Is Talking About This (it was a doozy). / TMN