Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: The shortest spring break

The Biden administration pledges $4 billion to a coronavirus vaccination program for poorer countries. Boris Johnson pledges to donate most of the UK's surplus supply. / Reuters, BBC

A 90-year-old woman walks six miles through snow to get her vaccine. / The New York Times

A "vaccine passport" scheme may facilitate travel this summer between Britain and Greece. Vaccinated Israelis are getting a "green pass" to enjoy gyms and bars. / The Guardian

Conservative pundits twist themselves into knots trying to explain Ted Cruz's very short spring break. Not so, late-night hosts. / The Daily Beast, The Washington Post

Republicans support the former president because of the insurrection, not despite it. / The Atlantic

The US officially rejoins the Paris climate accord, vowing to make up for lost time. / The Washington Post

Is this simply more "black faces in high places?" An argument against celebrating Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala becoming the head of the World Trade Organization. / Africa Is a Country

Amazon lied to India about privileging big sellers over small retailers; two-thirds of sales came from just 35 vendors. / Reuters

Like Instagram and other platforms, social media activism can flatten issues (and personalities) until there's nothing left. / From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy

Why you run out of breath on Zoom: the stage fright, the silence, the anxiety. / Refinery29

Opera singers offer vocal lessons to aid Covid-19 patients in their recovery. / The New York Times

A surprise for listeners of "The Test Kitchen," Sruthi Pinnamaneni's investigation into Bon Appétit: she and co-host PJ Vogt are accused of creating their own toxic workplace. / The Morning News

Zeynep Tufekci's thoughts on Clubhouse, Black Twitter, and "the rise of oral psychodynamics." / Insight

Until recently, Googling "cost of Green New Deal" gave you an inflated figure from a fossil fuel-backed think tank. / Sludge

Animals are displaying a disastrous lack of vitamin B1. No one's sure why, but rising ocean temperatures are a suspect. / Hakai

"What can bones tell us about the cause and manner of death?" A terrific read about a life spent working in forensic anthropology. / The London Review of Books

If there's one thing you can count on besides taxes, it's a bougie trend story from The New York Times about Los Angeles. "How Erewhon Became L.A.'s Hottest Hangout." / The Morning News

The NASA Perseverance rover safely lands on Mars and sends back its first images. / CNN, Twitter

Pictures of roller skaters during lockdown in London. Also, a photograph of the nebulae of the Milky Way framed by spruce trees in northeastern Poland, by astrophotographer Łukasz Żak. / Vogue Italy, Colossal

Daniel Craig reminds you that the weekend is here. / Twitter