Headlines Edition

Friday headlines What “OK” means.

California governor says citizens should stay at home indefinitely. Los Angeles goes one step further and requires its citizens to stay home.

Let’s strive for physical rather than social distancing; social isolation has the equivalent adverse impact on physical health to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

See also: An inflatable “emotional first aid kit” simulates a hug.

“If you are one of the people with a box of masks next to the box of toilet paper, please consider donating it back to the hospital. We are desperate.”

TV medical dramas are donating their medical supplies to hospitals.

A guide for seniors coping with the coronavirus. And they should all avoid the latest cover of New York magazine, arguably the worst possible for the present moment.

Given the danger that the president poses to the public, maybe more news outlets should switch “to an emergency setting.”

How Trump avoids accountability: with a legal shell game. See also: Ten things needed to ensure a healthy and trustworthy 2020 election.

More than 100 national security professionals break with tradition and endorse Biden.

What it's like to go off-grid for a trip and return to a pandemic. “We’re sitting here trying to piece the world together."

What it’s like to isolate with your girlfriend and her other boyfriend: “I don’t feel the pressure of being everything for someone.”

What it’s like to live in Europe and crave fries in Belgium and wine in France: “The purpose is not to starve the population.”

In 2019, artist Vincent Tanguy documented five days of living in Shanghai with a smartphone and 500 yuans for survival.

A long list of artistic and creative online resources for both adults and children.

Bandcamp waives its revenue share today to put much needed money directly into artists’ pockets.

When you tell people that you are planning to meet with Fiona Apple, they almost inevitably ask if she’s O.K. What “O.K.” means isn’t necessarily obvious, however. The Emily Nussbaum Fiona Apple profile you didn’t know you were waiting for.

It's the quarterfinals! Join the Rooster family as we talk our way through the Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes.