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Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: A mute point.

Three mass shootings in the US over the holiday weekend left two dead and at least 31 wounded. / Associated Press

Infowars and two other companies owned by Alex Jones have filed for bankruptcy, after several defamation lawsuits. / CBS News

Florida rejected 41%—a state record—of math textbooks for its K-12 curriculum, claiming many included prohibited topics such as Common Core and critical race theory. / NPR

Telegram has become the go-to platform for Russians in search of uncensored news—it's also become a popular source for pro-war propaganda. / The New York Times

Researchers find "many popular apps" keep listening to you even after activating the mute button. / TNW

See also: Leah Elliott updates Google's 2008 Chrome comic to explain all the ways—that we know of—the browser violates your privacy in 2022. / Contra Chrome

The first video game Easter eggs were acts of corporate defiance by underappreciated designers at Atari. / The Hustle

"I don't want to do what the bread guys and the gas guys and everybody else are doing." Why, 30 years after it was introduced, AriZona iced tea is still 99 cents. / Food & Wine

Kevin Lippert, the innovative founder of Princeton Architectural Press, has died at 63. / The New York Times

See also: Our 2015 interview with Lippert about War Plan Red, his book on Canada and America's early-20th-century plans to invade one another. / The Morning News

Once reviled by indie booksellers, Barnes & Noble now helps them survive by keeping publishers distributing physical books. / The New York Times

A Twitch streamer with a history of sexual misconduct allegations has since been able to build an NFT marketplace, thanks to the anonymity ingrained in crypto. / BuzzFeed News

Concerned about rampant fraud in crypto, adult actress Cherie DeVille releases new videos to convince viewers to do their own research. / The Daily Beast

"I realized what I'd lost. The music at Gap had meant so much to me, and I was determined to get it back." A quest to collect every Gap store playlist ever made. / MEL

Landscape photos of Northern Ireland during the Troubles, by Paul Graham. (More about the photos here.) / Paul Graham Archive, the Guardian

"Music From Nancy (1979) is an experimental music and performance piece based on the comic strip Nancy." / MetaFilter