Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Kitchen aromas aren’t very homely.

Trump's threats of a steel and aluminum trade war erupted without any prior review by officials—and may well be added to his heap of other random policy changes that come out of nowhere, and then go nowhere.

Interior Department emails show that Trump's move to shrink national monuments was mostly about gas and oil.

America's "independent voters" are mythical. Most are partisans who routinely vote with the same party.

Evidence suggests that prejudices and political views can be influenced by a person’s desire to avoid bad smells.

Bacon is proof, if it were needed, that we cling to old comforts long after they have been proven harmful. The modern incarnations of ham and bacon, also known as “nitro-meats,” are killing us. (Uncured and nitrate- and nitrite-free versions are fine.)

It takes two easy steps to buy a gun in America or Yemen—here's how that stacks up to the process in 13 other countries.

Relevant in all sorts of ways, here's an argument for arming lifeguards with sharks to fend off shark attacks.

When did Americans stop marrying their cousins? Five million family trees say sometime after 1875.

A classic example of a financial bubble is the Dutch tulip craze of the 1630s, but the story's always told wrong.

Video: From a military exercise in Norway to the Olympics, the history of biathlon.

During a Reddit AMA, Bill Gates may have set a record for customer support escalation.

China is slowly turning Ethiopia into a fast-fashion factory—provided a civil war doesn't get in the way.

Newly declassified documents detail how a teenager tried to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II in 1981.

Since the '90s, theory is fiction and empirics are fact in the field of economics. Bring back the theories!

A brief, illustrated profile of a Spanish man who builds miniature motorcycles.

A short movie in which the world’s best longboarders try to ride the longest wave possible

A statue that depicts Harvey Weinstein reclining on a chaise lounge gets installed on Hollywood Boulevard.