Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: Wakanda forever.

Interviews with unemployed Americans going without federal funds find rage toward Trump and the Republicans for the lapse. / The Washington Post

Reporter Kevin Roose put together a Twitter feed that tracks each day’s 10 top-performing posts by Facebook pages in the United States. All of them are alt-right or right-wing. / The Morning News

Evangelicals love Facebook, Trump, and the notion of protecting children—making them an easy target for QAnon followers. / MIT Technology Review

Frustrated Facebook employees slam Zuckerberg after a week when the platform promoted violent conspiracy theories and gave safe harbor to militia groups like “Kenosha Guard.” / BuzzFeed News

The Kenosha shooting suspect was in the front row of a Trump rally in January. / Business Insider

Spirit mediums anticipate a wave of interest from people wanting closure after losing family to COVID-19. / The End of the World Review

The story of a Yale cafeteria worker who broke a stained-glass window that showed enslaved African Americans enjoying their work. / The Cut

A building at Alabama's Troy University, formerly named for a "grand cyclops" of the KKK, gets renamed to honor John Lewis. / The Root

Chadwick Boseman dies at 43 after a four-year battle with colon cancer. “As Black Panther, he was also a superhero to many.” / The AV Club, the New York Times

A study finds, among Americans, white people were the least likely to be influenced by George Floyd's murder. / NPR

A German anthropologist was obsessed with the skull of a woman from Georgia—hence, we have the word "caucasian." / The Online Etymology Dictionary

For your weekend homebound wanderlust: A bikepacking adventure around New Zealand’s Te Waipounamu South Alps. / The Morning News

Meanwhile, in Africa: Mali faces a coup, South Africa faces 600,000 COVID infections, Kenyan health workers are walking off the job (via TWiA). / Twitter, Reuters, The New York Times

White sage is proving difficult to harvest wild thanks to a wellness craze around "smudging," appropriated from Native Americans. / VICE

California has a shortage of firefighters because fewer prisoners are available to be pressed into service for $1 an hour. / New York Magazine

Now trending for social distancing: pizza farms. / The New York Times

Why do farms look like circles from above? Center-pivot sprinklers, developed by a Nebraskan farmer in 1948. / Atlas Obscura

The fraudster behind some of Texas's strangest insurance scams says he did it for the fun of it. / Texas Monthly

Ben Berman Ghan on what it’s like to move through two different Torontos, one for the hearing and one for the deaf. / The Local

Why have recent pop hits been so... thirsty? Because sex is hard during a lockdown, "like playing table tennis on the moon." / Pitchfork

An eclectic mix of winners in Lensculture's Critics’ Choice Awards for 2020. / Lensculture

There is no industry standard in publishing for which nonfiction books get fact checked, except that, when performed, it’s paid for by the author. / Esquire

"People I would least expect had this emotional inner reaction." A semicolon conversion story. / Longreads

For years, a man vowed to build an airplane on the roof of his Mumbai apartment building. He recently flew it. / BBC News