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Letters From the Editor

The 2006 Morning News Tournament of Books

The wait is over. The authors are only beginning to sweat. Sponsored again by the good people at, The Morning News Tournament of Books is back and the Rooster demands blood.

Update: The book list has been announced!

It’s been less than a year since we crowned (crowed? cock-a-doodled?) David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas winner of the 2005 Morning News Tournament of Books and bestowed upon it our almighty Rooster, and now it’s time to ready the brackets once again! Authors, prepare your novels! Judges, sharpen your knives!

And faithful TMN readers, please, we need your help! The 2006 Morning News Tournament of Books will go full madness this March, but before that can happen we need your assistance in deciding which books will enter the first round. (If you missed last year’s tournament, this is a good play-by-play, particularly for the corrections.)

There are two remaining empty slots. Please email the address below and nominate two books by next Friday, January 27th, 6 p.m. EST. (All books must be English-language novels published for the first time in 2005.) Then, those two books which receive the most reader votes—but were not already selected for the tournament by the tournament’s hosts (i.e., us)—will enter the tournament, and on Monday, January 30th we will release the book list so you can get a head start on your reading in case you want to follow along with the judges come March.

(When the books are released it’ll also be a good time to start your office/English Department/book group betting pool!)

Have we mentioned the judges yet? Oh, we’ve got great judges this year; great books, great judges, great game play, and an even better tournament web site than last year. It’s going to be ridiculous. So please, before 6 p.m. on the 27th, please help us up the ante and nominate your two favorite English-language novels first published in 2005:
. Note: We are no longer accepting recommendations. Please check back on Monday, January 30 for the official list of books!
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