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Thursday headlines: All the city horses

With today's conclusion of the 2022 Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes, your TMN editors really need to take a nap. This newsletter will resume publishing Monday, April 11.

Declassified intelligence suggests Russia's Vladimir Putin is being given less than truthful information from his advisers. / The New York Times

Audio analysis of Putin's voice suggests he's feeling high levels of stress. / Nikkei Asia

The White House plans to release roughly a million barrels of oil a day from US reserves, for several months. / Bloomberg

Germany and Austria trigger rationing plans over possible gas supply disruption. / BBC News

Thoughtful notes from a Polish couple hosting Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw. (Versus supposedly trending "compassion fatigue?") / The Baffler, i-D

Ali S. Harfouch: In telling a story that accounts for concepts like sovereignty, we can also think through the possibility of a politics without sovereignty. / Genealogies of Modernity

Regarding the climate crisis, policymakers seem ready to overshoot targets and fix things later, without much concern for biosphere feedbacks. / Grist

In 2021, wind and solar generated 10% of global electricity for the first time. / Fast Company

By nearly all measurements, the expanded child tax credit passed in 2021 was a great success. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin disagrees and now it's gone. / FiveThirtyEight

Homeland Security officials expect a surge of people at the Southern border as the administration weighs processing asylum claims there again. / NPR

A study finds that people who grow up outside cities are better at navigation. / Nature

Google spinoff Waymo plans to move its employees around San Francisco in driverless cars. / The Verge

Some very messy kitchens and cluttered shops in the luscious work of San Francisco-based illustrator Rain Szeto. / Booooooom

Find out which book reigned supreme in this year's Tournament of Books—and whether or not its author accepted our gift of a live rooster. (And now we're going to go take that nap.) / The Tournament of Books