Headlines Edition!

Thursday headlines: Faucimania!

A coronavirus surge in Singapore raises fears of post-lockdown breakouts, perhaps a glimpse of what the US faces.

The Chinese government has been "hugely successful" in convincing China that the US Army brought the coronavirus to Wuhan.

Unlike the United States and other countries, New Zealand chose "elimination" rather than "containment," and it's working.

Unrelated: This is a low-res avocado.

Bernie Sanders ends his presidential bid, making Joe Biden the presumptive Democratic nominee. 

Sanders was the best-performing socialist contender in US history, as well as the strongest Jewish presidential candidate. 

“As Coronavirus Spreads, So Does Thirst for Dr. Anthony Fauci.” Faucimania is upon us.

Normally, if the President removed two inspectors general within a week out of self-interest, ”there'd be a scandal.”

Why is the White House so frequently wrongheaded right now? Possibly it's the Dunning-Kruger effect—the overconfidence of the ignorant.

Democratic and Republican governors enacted stay-at-home order on the same timeline, but all the holdouts are in the GOP.

Wimbledon took out a pandemic insurance policy following the 2003 SARS outbreak. For this year's cancellation, it’s filing a claim in excess of £100 million.

Researchers studying wastewater find a far higher number of people likely infected with Covid-19 than reported cases suggest.

The coronavirus is not an “equalizer.” Black people are being infected and dying at higher rates.

The corona-pocalypse has been rough for adults, but its impact on teenagers is arguably far greater.

A college student designs a face mask with a see-through window for people who rely on lip-reading.

"Distanced Figures," a series of portrait drawings by George Condo, made in the recent weeks of quarantine.

Thanks to the pandemic, people are revealing their feelings to their crushes, “shooting their shot, so to speak.”

Sarah Hepola writes a tribute to Fountains of Wayne, dumb boyfriends, and the kick drum of sexual chemistry.

The largest public art program in the United States may be our "overlooked, forgotten, and discarded post office murals."

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An interactive map of the nearly 1,600 state and local police, sheriff, fire, and emergency services agencies in the United States that researchers believe to have acquired drones.

A bit of armchair travel through the Japan Travel & Tourism Association's 2020 tourism poster awards.

Bill Buford recalls learning how to bake bread from a master in Lyon. See more stories like this in the TMN editors' longreads picks.

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In Maryland, an 11-year-old brindle boxer is handling deliveries for a winery