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Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Long hair don’t care.

The FBI seized phones and computers yesterday from Giuliani's apartment, as part of an investigation into his dealings in Ukraine. / The New York Times

The Justice Dept. has brought federal hate crimes charges against the three men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery while he was jogging in February 2020. / Associated Press

In a new indictment, federal prosecutors say the men accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer were engaging in domestic terrorism. / BuzzFeed News

The problem with law-enforcement National Park rangers: They're not seen as "real" cops—a misperception that can end in violence. / Outside

Apollo 11's Michael Collins has died at 90. / The New York Times

NPR aired its first original broadcast 50 years ago in an episode covering an anti-war protest, addiction, and barbers shaving women's legs (because men weren't getting haircuts). / The Morning News

"The existence of the Secretly Group Union may in part reflect how indie music as a whole continues to grow out of its DIY origins." / Pitchfork

Anita Lane of the Bad Seeds and the Birthday Party, and co-writer of "From Her to Eternity" and "Stranger Than Kindness," has died at 61. / Stereogum

Watch: This 2017 live performance of "From Her to Eternity." / YouTube

"She thought the best ideas were the ones that never saw the light of day." Cave's remembrance of Hill. / The Red Hand Files

The Scandinavian Cello School has spent quarantine playing for cows. / The New York Times

Related: King Lear with sheep. / The Morning News

Designer Tim Denee illustrated his play-through of the game "Thousand Year Old Vampire." / Tim Denee, Thousand Year Old Vampire

After Rotten Tomatoes resurfaced an 80-year-old pan of Citizen Kane, the film lost its perfect score on the site. / The Hollywood Reporter

"What you hear on the record is complete natural reverb due to the placement of the mics." How Bowie's "Heroes" vocals were recorded. / Far Out

Remembering Texas's Mexican restaurants—before Tex-Mex. / Texas Monthly

A designer is creating "fictional book covers for unwritten memoirs" based on user submissions. / Literary Hub

What it's like to realize the goal of your job's wellness app is to make you work harder for free. / Slate

New Belgium's intentionally bad Torched Earth Ale imagines how global warming will ruin beer. / InsideHook

A community-built collection of thousands of statues and sculptures ready for 3D printing. / Scan the World