Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: Pour Chris Evans.

The latest updates on the coronavirus from the Guardian, the Boston Globe, Buzzfeed News. 

A ray of hope: For the first time since the pandemic began, China announces no new locally transmitted infections.

Financial columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin spent the week talking to people behind other bailouts and came up with a plan: a no-interest “bridge loan” to everybody.

With all major sports canceled, online casinos are taking bets on the weather.

According to Verizon, US video game usage during peak hours has gone up 75 percent since the quarantine first went into effect.

Spain nationalizes private hospitals, deputizes upper-level medical students in mobilization against the virus.

What the coronavirus means for people giving birth.

Being pregnant in a pandemic, staying six feet away from people is possible, “but distancing from the prospect of pain is futile.”

In case you're a longtime fan or a new listener, Reply-All is doing live support call-in shows all week (you can also just listen in). And Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway started an "emergency podcast" to answer listener questions about what and how to cook during self-quarantine.

Recipe of the day: How to make your own sourdough starter. Or just make Jim Lahey’s easy, extraordinary no-knead bread, as told to Mark Bittman.

How to prevent “zoombombing,” i.e., when a troll logs into a public Zoom video-chat and streams something disgusting.

Social media and solace for the agoraphobic traveler.

How to trim your bangs at home without screwing up. "Do not cut straight across! It will end badly!"

See also: A good trick for parents around three weeks into quarantine.

"I dress goth every day. I haven’t worn colour since I was 14." Interviews with four of Britain’s longest-standing goths. Also: Chris Evans as hand sanitizers.

Today's white paper: The single best predictor of your partner’s eye color is the eye color of your parent of the opposite sex.

Pictures from two of the earliest photographers of New York City subway construction.

In 1957, the Eameses designed the Solar Do-Nothing Machine, one of the first uses of solar power to produce electricity.

The Quarterfinals begin today in this year’s Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes!

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For researchers, creativity retains a certain mystique as a unique state of being, "like a tuning fork generating a pure tone."

Watch Willy Nelson lead an all-star cast of musicians singing from their homes tonight.