Headlines edition

Thusday headlines: A velvet divorce.

The winner of Wednesday’s debate? Universal healthcare. The theme of the debate? Joe Biden is too far behind the Democrats’ shift to the left.

The Republicans’ real nightmare: Among black Americans, the most common age is 27, same for nonwhite Americans overall. The most common age among whites is 58.

See also: The case for a “velvet divorce,” in which the US breaks up à la Czechoslovakia.

In Europe, where voters are fickle, political systems are likely to become “at least more fluid, and at worst harder to govern.”

Nancy Pelosi likely doesn't have the majority she needs for impeachment, and it’s silly to think "she can simply manufacture one."

A good read on why Pelosi is reluctant to impeach Trump—the simple political principle that things that divide your party while uniting your opposition are bad for you.

The Arctic is ablaze with “unprecedented” wildfires, where recent fires were already outside the norm of the past 10,000 years.

Watch: Sony claims its new wearable Reon Pocket can lower your body temperature by 23 degrees or raise it by about 14.

Since 1998, some 440 children in the US have died of heatstroke after being forgotten in cars—because of how human memory works.

A growing number of binge drinkers are senior citizens.

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A database for casual diving: Details about the 48 dogs who participated in the USSR’s space program in the 1950s and 1960s.

Primo Levi is known as a Holocaust survivor. Just as important to his writing: while running from Nazis, he had to execute an informant.

Is Where the Crawdads Sing based on a murder that Delia Owens witnessed in Zambia, committed by her stepson?

"To be reading with a community just feels good.” Chicago rapper Noname, who was raised in a bookstore, starts a book club.

See also: Noname was included in TMN’s Andrew Womack’s Top Albums of 2018.

A podcast episode addresses why so many restaurants sound the same.

As water supplies dry up, California farmers are planting solar panels.

"If I’m cutting you fruit, it means I adore you." Dessert gets better (and healthier) with less effort, more love.

Which brings us to: Paul Ford’s 100 ways to say “I love you.”