Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: A good van is hard to find.

In 2017, the US extracted a top spy in Russia, worrying that Trump’s cavalier handling of intelligence information might expose them.

David Leonhardt: If Democrats insist on ending private health insurance and decriminalizing border crossings, they’re playing into Trump’s hands.

Some Democrats see Trump using the presidency to enrich himself as their "new path to impeachment." 

No one knows when Trump will be gone, but his legacy is becoming clear: “an angry, paranoid scrap of the country eager to buy what he’s hawking—and an heir who knows how to keep the con alive.”

NOAA’s chief scientist will investigate why the agency backed Trump over its experts on Dorian.

A New Orleans pothole finally gets fixed after appearing as a rental home on Airbnb.

“You should be talking about the plants." White people object when plantations—i.e., forced-labor camps—try to teach them about slavery.

Some languages—Japanese, Italian—are found to be spoken more quickly than others, but that doesn’t mean the rate of information transfer is heightened.

A study finds that students learn more in "active learning" classes, though they dislike it and think they're learning less.

Feist's Sesame Street version of "1234" has many, many more YouTube views than the original.

Heinz repositions its labels to teach people (in Canada) how to pour ketchup better.

America’s most subscribed-to YouTube channel in July was a 21-year-old woman traveling around California in a van with her pet snake.

Coming soon to Southern California: Upgrade Labs, a chain of gymlike facilities devoted to biohacking.

Most people think brain-hacking devices are fine for treating illnesses, but not enhancement. 

A “cyborg magician” uses 26 microchips and magnets implanted in her body to perform tricks.

Robot priests can bless you, give advice, even perform at funerals.

"In Virgil Abloh’s universe, everyone is comfortable." The fashion designer gets a landmark exhibition in Chicago.

Remembering Georges Simenon, France’s one-man fiction factory and creator of the archetypal fictional detective.

“Even at this stage, Nadal plays like he’s broke.” Fifty parting thoughts from the 2019 US Open.