Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Infinity war.

Iran's supreme leader: Any retaliation against American interests for the death of Soleimani must be direct and proportional, and carried out by Iranian forces, rather than proxies.

The Pentagon says the letter claiming the US would withdraw from Iraq was "poorly worded," and that there are no plans to leave.

Contradicting Trump, the Secretary of Defense says the military won’t target Iranian cultural sites: "We will follow the laws of armed conflict."

As many as 40 people were killed in a stampede during the funeral procession for Soleimani in Tehran.

"The last time the United States killed a major military leader in a foreign country was during World War II."

And the US has now deployed its military overseas in every decade since becoming a nation.

"Modi invoked the same penal code the British used on Gandhi to detain Gandhi's biographer." Is India still a democracy?

A journalist living in China describes how the government’s views of Taiwan resulted in the seizure of her seven-year-old’s globe.

How hackers can use lasers to transmit commands to voice assistants from hundreds of feet away.

Six months after Texas legalized hemp—accidentally disrupting marijuana prosecution—possession cases have been more than halved.

Lovingly documented by a small group of dedicated fans, J! Archive is sabermetrics for Jeopardy!

When Steve Jobs effectively killed Flash, he also killed the Weird Web. As no-code tools return, it's time for the Weird Web 2.0.

Use this interactive tool to create an elevation map—aka "joy plot"—of any region on Earth.

An animated chart ranks the world's most populous cities between 1500 and 2019.

The discovery of galaxies without dark matter upends the reigning theory that dark matter is necessary to form galaxies.

American medicine’s obsession with over-testing isn’t just costly—for some patients, it can do more harm than good.

Paintings of nature inspired by migraine-induced ocular disturbances, by Bethany Noël Murray.

See also: In an unlikely letter from one “incredibly stereoscopic person” to another, a writer recounts his correspondence with Oliver Sacks.

Remembering John Baldessari, the legendary conceptual artist who died last week at 88.

Watch: From 1979, David Bowie's stark version of "Space Oddity."