Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Tucci time.

The UK announces a new post-Brexit tariff regime to replace the European Union’s external tariff.

A Federalist approach to reopening the United States by July 4 requires color-coded zones across the country and testing, testing, testing.

With the pandemic still spreading fast, the US and its allies may be forced to sideline foreign policy priorities.

Mail-forwarding requests show where well-off New York City residents fled to: New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, Connecticut.

Photographs from twenty years ago this week, when an earthquake struck Mount St. Helens.

Fox health experts and Fox opinion hosts go head-to-head after the president says he takes hydorxychloroquine as a prophylaxis for coronavirus.

A long (but ultimately mild) Ronan Farrow take-down finds much reporting lacking sufficient corroboration.

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In case you followed the Alison Roman debacle, maybe it's time to reconsider Guy Fieri, “the last unproblematic food person.”  Or, we all just move in with Stanley Tucci.

See also: A good piece on Roman and the “exhausting prevalence of ethnic erasure in popular food culture.” (Credit for several of these food links to the terrific Nisha’s Internet Tote Bag.)

Art critic Jerry Saltz explains why he has a food and coffee ritual that some consider disgusting.

Pivoting for the pandemic, a beloved barrio shop becomes Los Angeles's first liquor store on wheels.

A new jacket made from 11 kilometers of copper yarn—"a known virus-killing material for generations"—is available for $1,095.

“You only need a waist up outfit. Very low commitment.” Single Texans discuss speed-dating on Zoom.

Your weekly white paper says sex work may not be “the principal mechanism linking fracking to gonorrhea growth."

The BBC asked people to share the last "normal" picture they took with their phone, before social distancing.

A Korean soccer club apologizes for filling its stands with sex dolls, some of them waving ads for x-rated websites.

China announces a ban on plagiarizing foreign architecture—something it previously specialized in—in favor of local culture.

An essay by Paul Virilio on why he loves the “the Atlantic Wall”—some 1,500 bunkers left behind in France from WWII.

New York City billboards host work by artists like Jenny Holzer and Pedro Reyes, made in support of essential workers. Also, some recent works by painter Jake Troyli.

A good conversation with ESPN’s Bomani Jones on the differences between Michael Jordan and today’s “super-athletes.”

The record for the "cannonball run"—driving from New York to California as fast as possible—reportedly has been beaten seven times since lockdown.

A poem for your week: “Western Motel” by Anne Carson, via Pome. Also, a livestream of Yosemite Falls.