Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: I want to hold the hand inside you.

"It’s not a question of if this will happen but when this will happen and how many people in this country will have severe illnesses." The CDC expects the COVID-19 coronavirus to spread in the US and warns that disruptions to daily life could be “severe.”

"If the disease continues to be as severe as it is now, 'cold and flu season' could become 'cold and flu and COVID-19 season.'"

To sum up last night's Democratic debate, the last before Super Tuesday next week: "Occasionally, in life, you can reach a point where you can no longer tolerate the sound of human voices."

Like Trump, aging Democratic presidential candidates haven't been forthcoming with their medical records.

Musician David Roback of Mazzy Star, Rain Parade, and Opal has died at 61.

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Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, the strongman who ruled Egypt for 29 years, and who was ousted in the Arab Spring, has died at 91.

More than a dozen protestors have been killed in clashes in New Delhi over legislation that makes it easier for non-Muslims in neighboring countries to become Indian citizens.

John Oliver criticized Prime Minister Modi in his Tuesday show. Disney India blocked the episode on its platform.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the family of a Mexican teenager shot and killed by a Border Patrol officer can't sue, because the child was on the Mexico side of the border while the officer was on American soil.

Reprising last summer's antics, Oregon Republicans play hooky⁠—keeping legislature, about to pass a climate bill, from a quorum.

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The biggest bluegrass scene outside of the United States is in the Czech Republic, where it was the sound of the counterculture.

For possibly hundreds of years, the locksmiths of Dindigul, India, have been inventing and crafting locks designed to confound.

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How to read beloved—but sexist or racist—children’s books: Point out their faults to your audience.

"A list of fictional stories that, when written, were set in the future, but the future they predicted is now present or past."

Guess which items from Amazon are counterfeit when placed next to their authentic counterparts.

Cécile Davidovici embroiders scenes from the home movies of her childhood.