Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: In space, no one can hear you sneeze.

Yesterday, Theresa May's Brexit deal lost by a 230-vote margin—the worst defeat in the history of the House of Commons—sparking a no-confidence vote against May today. If she loses, it could mean another general election.

In his senate confirmation hearing, Trump's attorney general pick William Barr says he would let Mueller complete the Russia investigation.

The question no senator has asked Barr: "We know from his other nominations (and the acting AG) that Trump doesn't care about your qualifications. Of all the lawyers in the US, why do you think Donald Trump wants William Barr to be attorney general?"

Trump's version of a border crisis ignores the real reasons there actually is a crisis: more family crossings and asylum claims.

No US president has been removed from office by impeachment. If Trump is to become the first, here's a guide to what would need to happen.

China has successfully grown a plant in a tiny biosphere on the moon's surface.

Researchers warn against antibiotic use in space, as gravity conditions can accelerate antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

When a US destroyer collided with a merchant ship off the coast of Japan in 2017, officers were too tired to react in time.

It's not "his wealth." MacKenzie Bezos started Amazon, and she won't "become" wealthy due to her divorce.

Sponsored: Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" video was among 2018's most productivity-disrupting workplace events.

A possible explanation for Facebook's 10-year challenge: If you were training an AI to recognize aging in photos, a vast repository of helpfully labeled images would be an advantage.

The global economy is roaring ahead without much notice, in the form of digital goods bought and sold inside Fortnite.

Potential degradation of intellectual and emotional capacities, such as critical thinking, personal authority, and emotional well-being, are harder to detect. We don’t fully understand the cause and effect of digital toxins. Like the Industrial Revolution, the internet must now deal with pollution—in this case, unmitigated hoaxes and fake news.

How Europeans can register their disapproval of the ridiculous EU Copyright Directive, which threatens how links work on the web.

Probably best to quit your job instead: Experts and coworkers itemize what's OK to eat and drink at your desk.

Forgive me for saying this, but from where I sit, you’re not quite the maverick you once seemed; I see your clones all the time and they are mostly male and devoid of much pigment. Talking back to Edward Abbey.

How to listen like a hostage negotiator: Set aside logic, acknowledge emotions, and repeat back what you hear.

A solar-powered sound installation in Africa's Namib Desert is playing Toto's "Africa" on infinite repeat.

I walked down the aisle and browsed through the books I imagined Bowie might’ve touched. Of course, I looked over every time one of the doors opened, but that day Bowie never stepped inside McNally Jackson. On David Bowie and books, and trying to arrange a chance encounter with your hero at his favorite bookstore.