Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Talk about Spartan.

A play-by-play of Trump’s surreal “Celebration of America” event yesterday, thrown together after the president nixed the Philadelphia Eagles' visit, for which only one player was confirmed to attend.

Everyone's claiming victory in the Supreme Court gay wedding cake decision, and no one knows what a "narrow" decision is.

Video: A minimalist approach to Greek mythology.

Of 75 mental health facilities visited in Europe, none met UN disabled care standards, according to a WHO report.

Nearly 400,000 of 2.2 million prisoners nationwide have a psychiatric diagnosis. The math is as easy as it is shocking: Ten out of every 11 psychiatric patients housed by the government are behind bars. A prisoner-journalist on penitentiaries’ lack of mental health services.

From the archives: The Attica prison uprising lasted five days. It took 45 years to get a more or less complete public account of what transpired.

RIP Kate Spade: Fans remember the impact her fashion made on their lives.

This law will let patients and physicians bypass the FDA and go directly to pharmaceutical companies for access to investigational therapies. But it doesn’t require pharmaceutical companies to accede to these requests. A parent chronicles the heartbreaking side of “right to try,” which reduces red tape—but not profit margins.

From I/O to IP: a glossary of terms for navigating a biotech conversation.

MyHeritage DNA says a data breach affected more than 92 million of its users, but that no DNA data was stolen.

One possible outcome from a Trump-Kim summit is the easing of international sanctions on North Korea, which may well result in a trade boom between China and North Korea.

By the end of this year, China will overtake the US in scientific research funding—and the talent is following.

A study identifies some of the most untouched, old-growth forests; most are remote, untouchable by logging trucks.

Conceptual art meets blockchain with Kevin Abosch's tokenized creations.

If Silicon Valley really wanted to make a difference in Dumas, it should have studied the people first. When it did, it would realize that the presence of the digital gig economy couldn’t alone halt a cycle of poverty that had begun with slavery. The gig economy can open new doors for American workers, but inequality still rules the land of opportunity.

Refreshing: @NOT_ifications is "a bot that tweets the opposite of notifications," and just once a week.

Astounding origami patterns using algorithmic code, by Robby Kraft.